[Coastal] This Weekend

Bill Butler chemistbb3 at yahoo.com
Wed Nov 20 18:59:32 PST 2002

About the Pas.

Should you grant me the honor of fighting in your name
this weekend, I need a little help since I saw this

"Participants MUST submit a Letter of Sponsorship
including the fighter's name and the name of his/her
consort, and the consort's titles and accomplishments.
Letters should be submitted to our Queen of Love, Her
Excellency Ellisena de Bayonne. Letters may also be
submitted at the event. (Also, you may email them to
me, Lady Evelun, and I'll pass them along.) "

My name is not the issue, but your "official" name and
your titles and awards are, as I am nor aware of what
they all are.


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