[Coastal] Crown Tavern Volunteers Needed

Stephen Macthomas macthomas at houston.rr.com
Fri Oct 25 08:11:48 PDT 2002

Greetings to all from Stephen Macthomas:

I am charged with running the tavern at next weekend's Crown Tournament and
am in need of a few volunteers for the following areas: prep, set-up,
tending bar, working the kitchen or scullery, and take-down.  We have some
volunteers at this point, but the more the merrier.  (Read: if you've
already gotten an e-mail about this, you're on the list already, and you
needn't re-volunteer.)

I expect folks will have to work no more than three hours at the event if
we're fully staffed for the day.

Prep will take place at our apartment starting today and lasting more or
less through Tuesday evening.  If anyone wishes to come over to help, please
contact me.  Again, the more the merrier.

Please contact me off list at macthomas at houston.rr.com or at 281-651-0781
before midnight for more information or to sign up.

Thanks for your time and I hope to see many of you volunteer for this

In service,
Lord Stephen Macthomas

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