[Coastal] Stargate Yule Cook's notice!

Bill Butler chemistbb3 at yahoo.com
Fri Dec 12 06:09:20 PST 2003

I send this missive to all of you have said that they
would help in preparing the Grand Feast at the Yule
Festival hosted by Their Excellencies Stargate.  I
would hop that this will finally reach you, as it
would seem that all my other missives have gone awry.

I should be at the Yule site by 8 in the morning.  I
would ask that you join me there as your travels
permit.  I would also ask that you bring your knives
and what ever else you prefer to use to prepare the

Be ready for a hard and difficult task.  For we need
to a meal fit for the Crown of Ansteorra, but as you
may have heard, there have been some difficulties with
the supplies for the feast.  Few and poor are the
ingredients that I have been able to acquire.  All of
our skills will be needed to turn the few wrinkled
turnips and carrots into a feast, but I believe we
will be up for the task.

I look forward to seeing each and all of you upon
Saturday and thank you for your skills in this hour of



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