[Coastal] Coronation break-down

Andrew Spies apspies at usa.com
Tue Jun 10 21:36:30 PDT 2003

Greetings unto the good gentles of the list.

First and foremost, my sincere apologies for the multiple postings.

Now to the meat.  With Coronation only one month away, I find myself in dire need of assistance.  I am your break down coordinator and I am looking for about one dozen strong backs to perform tear down of the site for Coronation.

The event will be held at the Montgomery County Fairgrounds near Conroe on July 12.  The site will close at 11 pm on Saturday; clean up should go quickly with several people.  I know it's not a pretty job and 'tis usually a thankless one at that, but if you can stay, It would be greatly appreciated.  Your efforts in this endeavor will not go un-noticed.

Please contact me off list if you wish to help celebrate our incoming crown and bring successful closure to this kingdom-wide event.

Thanking you in advance,

Antonello del Bello
mka Andrew Spies
e-mail: apspies at usa.com
work: 713-639-7821
cell: 281-850-2443
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