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Derich Brauer brauer at ansteorra.net
Mon Jun 23 23:18:05 PDT 2003

Greetings to all from the Shire of Stonebridge Keep, it is my pleasure to invite everyone to a new comers revel that we are holding here in our shire. We have had a sudden inflow of new comers into our group, and we want to let them get their feet wet with an "SCA Style" revel. This is going to be a fun event, fighting, bardic, reveling, just what ever you feel like doing basically. It is to be held Sunday, June 29 from mid morning until everyone is ready to go, or till about midnight, which ever comes first in Goliad Texas, as of right now I don't have directions, but if you would like to check our website, Ill have a map posted there before night fall tomorrow (Tuesday). Admission is free, as is food, we are going to be providing the food and such. We just ask of one thing from you, if at all possible please bring with you a table and chairs, if you cant bring a table don't worry about it, we should have enough to go around! This event is going to be held with a very relaxed atmosphere... Fighting will start when it starts, feast will start... when it starts, and so on and so forth. We have plenty of shaded area to fight on, there is a really nice hike and bike trail located on site. We have several heavy fighters that will be there, but we would love to have some light fighters, as many of our new comers have not seen lighting fighting yet!

We would absolutely love to see everyone that can make it down here, bring your new comers, bring your old timers, just bring yourselves! A great time is to be had by everyone that attends! 

The direct link to the revel site will be http://geocities.com/stonebridgekeep/revel.html if you go there and nothing is there yet, be patient, directions will be up tomorrow evening. 

In Service to the Dream,
Derich Brauer                   
MKA Chris Conn               
Shire of Stonebridge Keep
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Autocrat, Golden Arrow IX Sept. 26-28, 2003
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