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Sun Jun 29 12:44:50 PDT 2003

Greetings all, 

AHSS was a great success in my eyes. I wanted to take a minute here to thank a 
few people who without them this event would not have been the same. 
First and foremost the populace who attended thank you for taking the time to 
make the trip to the fair Canton of Westgate. We all enjoyed you company and 
hope you enjoyed the classes. 

To our teachers, many of you traveled far to teach out fair kingdom. Thank you 
for your time, effort, expense, and knowledge. Those teachers who stepped up at 
the last minute to teach for me, when mundane matters effected others thank you 
so much, Hillary, Chaira, Asa, and Curstaid. 

The two wonderful people who at a last minute extended their drive time greatly 
to bring down two of my teachers. HL Etienne, and Lady Sandra.  Thank you so 
very very much, it meant the world to me to have your added passengers at the 
event. Thank you for the deepest of my heart. 

Lord Alden, Brenna, and House Wyrmclaw thank you for providing such a wonderful 
luncheon for everyone. 

Our Event Steward, Lady Gwen Thank you so very much for having me apart of this 
event it was a wonderful adventure, Mistress Rosalia & Lady Annais thank you 
for granting The Canton of Westgate the Honor of hosting this event for the two 

All those who came out at 9pm of Friday for setup so that we were able to get 
done before midnight thank you so much, and all those that stayed late on 
Saturday night to clean thank you. 

Westgate, as always you guys are the greatest, and thank you it was fun. 

In service, 

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