[Coastal] ISO Coordinators/Volunteers for Coronation

isabeauq isabeauq at mail.ev1.net
Tue May 6 06:55:29 PDT 2003


Gather ‘round good gentles one and all for an announcement of
great importance.

Their Royal Highnesses, Ulsted and Cateau have asked that the
Barony of the Stargate host their upcoming coronation.  We are
actively in search of coordinators/volunteers to help make this
grand day even more special for them.  Please contact either Sir
Rhodri ap Gwythyr (Paul Foster) at pafoster at earthlink.net, 281/345-
1114 or Master Ihon Vinson macFergus (John Hirling) at
jhirling at houston.rr.com, 713/896-0026, co-event stewards, should
you wish to give of your time and talents by serving as a
coordinator or volunteer.

My humblest regards,
Lady Isabeau Quiquandon
(m/k/a Terri Hirling)
Stargate Seneschal
Apprentice to Mistress Katilyn McKenna
isabeauq at ev1.net

P.S.  Stay tune for more details and a website coming to your
neighborhood soon.

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Sent via the EV1 webmail system at mail.ev1.net

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