[Coastal] Feast Thank-yous Loch Soilleir Baronial Investitute

Sandra White swhite at pegasus-international.com
Mon May 19 06:54:45 PDT 2003

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Greetings! I have a bit of word fame to share. I was the feast steward at
Loch's Investiture this past weekend. This was my first time to be a feast
steward, and I was amazed at the amount of help that was given to me for
this undertaking.  I would have been lost without these ladies and
gentlemen. So to all of them, a most heartfelt thank you!!

-Menu Help, Research Help, Ideas and Tasting
Baroness Katya, Lady Medb, Master Modius, Countess Sara, Hl Rhiannon, Lady
Niccola, Graf Galen, Grafin Rebecca, Lord Tristan

-Loan of Items to help store, cool and cook this feast
Baron Godwin, Baron Leofric, Sir Alexis, Hl Antoinette, Hl Biatrichi,
Jeanette, Lord Yamai, Aetheling Ulsted, Princesse Cateau, Baron William,
Lord Alessandro, Leia, Lord Vaclav and Lady Vasilisa, Lord Tristan

-Food preparation, cooking, serving and those who kept checking to see if I
needed help
Hl Rhiannon, Baroness Katya, Jeanette, Majorie, Camara, Greg, Hl Antoinette,
Lady Carmen and her Mother, Countess Sara, Lord Madog, Baroness Alys, Lady
Niccola, Lady Miya, Baroness Hillary, Baron Leofric, Lady Liadan, Lord
Iames, Lady Anne & her children, Anne Barrington, Hl Tegan, Kira, Penny,
Lady Lessa, Lord Pace, Lord Andrew, Mistress Hillary, Hl Biatrichi, Lady
Giovanna, Lord Tristan

And to those people who may have helped when I didn't have a pen handy to
write down your name, Thank you, too!!! (Especially those gentles that
showed up at serving time and just starting helping...I may not have written
down their names and now it's just a blur.)

In Service,
Hl Clara von Ulm
Aka Sayyida Sana bint Kieran al Kerra
Co-Dance Champion of Loch Soilleir

P.S. Errors in titles and spelling are my own fault for not spending time to
look everybody up in the OP. *grin*

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