[Coastal] Loch Baronial Photos

merewyn@att.net merewyn at att.net
Fri May 23 17:40:26 PDT 2003

Hail to all,

I have put my pictures from last weekend's Loch Baronial up on my website for
all to enjoy: www.merewyn.net, click on the Loch Baronial link. I took pics of
chivalric and rapier combat, equestrian competition, Beoen's squire-ing
ceremony, many random folks around the camp, and a few of Sat evening's Court,
before my camera batteries gave out!

The web versions are reduced in size but I have the originals if anyone sees
one they need a copy of - just email me!

In service,

Merewyn de Laugharne

MKA Cary Dier

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