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Mike Dowdy mdowdy at houston.rr.com
Fri Nov 7 16:53:51 PST 2003


we have a opportunity to test our metal and work on out skills... that's right, the upcoming melee event in Boardermarch. The red and blue clad unit can again show its courage, tenacity and its "can do" attitude. 

Last Tuesday night we had a pretty good melee practice, this Tuesday can be even better. Come one come all... lets get in some practice. I highly recommend that the archers show up, get a archery marshal to look over your bow/arrows and make sure your armor kit is intact and ready to go. We can also use this as a chance for you to practice maneuvering around (course we cant shoot arrows at UofH.. but we can work like we are). 

We will go over a summery of the commands for those that aren't completely familiar with them, I am even going to give out the short list of commands and definitions for FREE.. that's right... FREE... now ya cant beat that with a stick now can ya... and as a added bonus we might even do some spear drills... whooo hoo... 

see yall Tuesday

Capt. Michael
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