[Coastal] Modern English Country Dancing - 12/12

Charlene Charette perronnelle at earthlink.net
Sun Dec 5 11:20:03 PST 2004

I received the following from Diana Shipman (she hosts Scottish Country 
Dance in Houston).  I plan on going.  Anyone else?

Diane's email address (for RSVPs and questions) is: 
diannashipman at worldnet.att.net


> Sunday, December 12, 5-7 pm
> Oxford Hall, 1135 Oxford, in the Houston Heights
> (Note:  east of Heights Blvd. between 11th and 12th Sts)
> No cover charge but donations for the use of the hall and to show
> appreciation for the instructor would be welcome.
> RSVPs would be helpful along with an indication of your English Country
> dance experience and any areas you're interested in, to help in planning the
> program.
> Refreshments: There are soft drinks and bottled water at $1.00 and chips and
> packages of cookies for 50 cents each. However, feel free to bring
> refreshments to share.
> Instructor: ROBERT MOIR
> * leading English Country Dance teacher
> * accredited by the English Folk Dance and Song Society
> * has run a series of dance training courses
> * choreographer
> * caller and dancer in Britain
> * appears regularly at the major national folk festivals in the UK
> * runs weekend events and costume balls
> * involved in numerous dance events abroad
> * has done three three week tours in New England -
>     Boston thru NYC to Washington DC with numerous stop over events
> * is in the process of planning a trip to the West Coast in 2006
> Program: the English Country Dance scene today in the UK which will
> offer a mix of Playford's dances to present day composers 'in the style of'.
> Robert writes in part about his teaching in Houston:  I see [this] as
> presenting an opportunity to meet more of the worldwide dance community and
> to exchange friendly greetings with those I meet.
> If you have questions, contact Dianna Shipman at diannashipman at att.net or
> 713 522 1212
> Hope you can join us!
> Dianna

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