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Man offers salary to woman who will marry him
ABC13 Eyewitness News
(2/12/04 - PLANTERSVILLE, TX) — A man from Plantersville is going 
to extremes to find his perfect match for Valentine's Day. 
George Coulam is the man with the out of the ordinary approach. He 
has paid about $5,000 for a full page ad in the Houston Press, looking 
for the love of his life. The ad says he's willing to travel the 
world and pay her $36,000 a year plus expenses. Those who know Coulam 
say he's done this before. 

"He does that about once a year," said neighbor Bob Fox, when asked 
about Coulam.

Fox went on to say that Coulam stays with the women for a year or 
two and offered this advice for women looking at the ad.

"What would I say?" pondered Fox. "Run the other way."

Coulam has at least three ex-wives and he owns the Texas Renaissance 
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