[Coastal] Coastal Invasion still on?

Medicfem@aol.com Medicfem at aol.com
Thu Feb 12 19:08:12 PST 2004

I can guarantee dearest gentles, that Seawinds and Stonebridge will keep a pot of something warm on prepared for your arrival. 
The hospitality here in the southern coast has always been wonderful. They are always here to meet you with warm soup, warm drink, warm drums, and a warm fire. 
Please consider Coastal Invasion this year, our twentieth year. 
The only problem with bringing in vehicles on the soggy ground is to keep the formation of ruts to a minimum. We had a problem with them in the past.

Please come. We are hearty Ansteorrans! Toughening our skins for WAR!
With love of her beautiful twenty year shire and her twenty-fifth year kingdom,

Lady Caley of Lancashire
Chirurgeon in Seawinds

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