[Coastal] Stargate/Loch Fighter Practice Visitor

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The field is muddy, with standing water, but the East Kingdom fighter still
wants to play, even on blacktop (which isn't wet). Anyone up for it?


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We have a visitor tomorrow from the East who rides in to cross swords with
us while he graces our fair cities with business during the day. So come out
to practice at the University of Houston to learn from a style very foreign
to ours and to teach Ansteorran love, chivalric style, so Karl can regale
the East Kingdom with tales of Ansteorran prowess and hospitality. 


I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the storms will wait until after we have
a chance to play; those of you with good weather skills, please do the same!




Andrew Scarhart, Esq.

Knight Marshall

Barony of Stargate

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