[Coastal] practice / armoury instead

mike young uther at lcc.net
Tue Mar 2 15:48:36 PST 2004

LOL...Just the mental image of Dorothy's Tin Man bring tears of laughter !~

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  Well,  I just spoke with Alexis - he says he'll rust if he goes marching aroung a parking lot in the rain, so we're going to work on armour...

  Anyone need any work on their stuff, come on down, after 6 pm.  

  You can call me for directions: 832-651-5114


  On Tue, 2 Mar 2004 15:49:35 -0600 David Jurgens <djurgens at energygraphics.com> writes:
    I am sure that the grassy area is a mud pit.  We can always fight in the parking lot though.

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      ya know I am kinda wondering the same thing... 

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        It may a bit early, but I just wondered if anyone knew the conditions at Uof H?  Will there be practice?


        Galen W. Bevel
        galenbv at ix.netcom.com


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