[Coastal] Melee Practice UofH

Mike Dowdy mdowdy at houston.rr.com
Sun Mar 7 14:13:20 PST 2004

Folks, Tuesday will be your last chance before war  to get in some melee practice...  Bring your toys.. armor.. get it all checked out.. make sure your card is current. We will also have a mini-meeting to talk about the war at practice. 

If you have any Ansteorran War tabards that you can lend out for the war please bring them to the practice so we can get everyone outfitted with one. If you are going to war and have extras, please let us know.. and  please bring them to war. 

Also remember to bring any extra weapons such as pole or two handed swords and gauntlets to the war. There is war point that will use these exclusively. Please see the www.gulfwars.org for more details. 


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