[Coastal] Gulf War land, part 3

Galen W. Bevel galenbv at ix.netcom.com
Thu Mar 11 06:47:50 PST 2004

Hello all, 

I sent a message to the board a couple of days ago including a list of everyone registered with reserved land.  I got a message back that it was held up for moderator approval because it was too big.  Since I have not received a message saying that it has gone through, and time is short, I intend to resend it now, split into multiple messages.  Please look for your Group and check your name.  




In response to several questions about who has reserved land and who has not, I submit the following list.  If your name is not on this list, then I have either not gotten a land request from you, or your name was not on the list we recieved from the Gulf War registry people.  If you registered and requested land, and your name is not on this list, I suggest that you contact the Gulf War registry (http://www.gulfwars.org/).   At this point, it is too late to get land allotted for you in our camp even if you get your registration problems corrected,so please see either myself or Baron Armand once you get to site before you set up camp.  Please also be aware that this is not an official channel for registration questions or answers, do not depend on this now or in the future for registration verification or inquiries.  Your registration is between you and the registrar, the land liasons have no input.  I would have posted this earlier, but I only got the registration information this weekend, and am only now finishing going through it.  If there is an NR listed next to a name in the list, that means you requested land but did not preregister.  That means you _do_not_ have land reserved for you at Gulf Wars.  There is no such thing as generic land reservation where you send your name in with a group but don't pre-register, as I have been told that some people have done; land is allocated to us based strictly on each persons pre-registration.  If you did not pre-register, then the Coast was not given land space to account for you, period.  There may be room for you to camp with us, but only after all preregistered campers have been assigned land. If there is not room, you will have to set up in overflow open camping rather than in the Coastal area.

Thank you all!

Graf Galen
Coastal Land Liason

SCA NameNameReg?Group

Antonello del BelloAndrew Spies Stargate

Thomas Thomas SoiceStargate
Aaron Aaron Soice Stargate
Melody Melody SoiceStargate
Emily Emily Soice Stargate
Askell Kelvin Soice Stargate
Brenna Clare Penny Roberts Stargate
Brian mac Cael Brian Stanley Stargate
Dudley of Lauren Lake Dudley Lehmer Stargate
Tiger of StargateLeon Norris Stargate
Cassandra Stefne Che' McLeod Stargate
Caitlin bean Ghearailt Kati Norris Stargate
Gerald of Leesville Gerald norris Stargate
NeassaKim Tucker Stargate
Godwin of Eddington David Jurgens Stargate
Ebergardis von Zell Coni jo Weed NRStargate
??? Brandon McDermott NRStargate
Gwen verch Cynwrig de Ynys Mon Crystal Lewis Stargate
Hillary Rose Greenslade Marsha R. GreeneStargate
Lady Lucia Sara TallarovicStargate
Iago Cabrerra de Cadiz Greg CoffmanStargate
Isabell del la Stargate Emily Meyers Stargate
Lyonette van Leydon Christina Blank Stargate
Klare mette Katten Natalie CaldwellStargate
Kaitlyn McKenna Robbin Foster Stargate
Elise d'gailis Holly ComptonStargate
Lady Lorien Loren Haigh Stargate
Leofwine Of Sumersaeton Wayne Law Stargate
Angela Of Sumersaeton Jerrica Law Stargate
Ciarnat Of Firethorn Kim Law Stargate
Malachai Morgan Dale Carroll Stargate
Maureen Faulkner Jennifer Smith Stargate
Michaels of Graves End Mike DowdyStargate
Miguel del la Trebuchet Mike Meyers Stargate
Andrew Scarheart Stargate
??? Shannon Lehmer Stargate
Taya FitzPhilip Teressa Pomerantz Stargate
Itai Pomerantz Itai Pomerantz Stargate
Kemma Delamare Kim M Smith Stargate
Thomas atte WoodeThomas Smith Stargate

Crystal Berringer Crystal SimpsonLoch Soilleir
Amalric des Etoile Joe SimpsonLoch Soilleir
Brian Schwartz Brian SchwartzLoch Soilleir
Libby Schwartz Libby SchwartzLoch Soilleir
Wissa Melissa BestickLoch Soilleir
Drake Metzger von Ratzenburg James Carl DunivanLoch Soilleir
Ginevra RodneyGinger AlleeLoch Soilleir
Giovanna Caronna Carolyn CaronnaNRLoch Soilleir
Pace Sousa Gary PaceNRLoch Soilleir
Jennette Makepays Elizabeth CombsLoch Soilleir
Galen Eadwin Kirchenbauer Galen BevelLoch Soilleir
Caitlin Bevel Caitlin BevelLoch Soilleir
Kelsey Bevel Kelsey BevelLoch Soilleir
Rebekah KleinspielerinRebecca BevelLoch Soilleir
Lisabetta micola da monte Kimberly WellsLoch Soilleir
Brylce Cousineau CJ GilsonLoch Soilleir
Madog of GlastonburyMatt GilsonLoch Soilleir
Vanessa de Verona Valerie HendersonLoch Soilleir
William Blackwell William BlackwellNRLoch Soilleir
William of Welewen William ButlerLoch Soilleir
Wyllow MacMuireadhaigh Wendy OtteLoch Soilleir
Belle de le Tour Belle OtteLoch Soilleir

Caitlin nan Cnoc AirgheadCarolyn YoungGates Edge
Carluccio di BiaChad SweetenGates Edge
Cynthia of Gates EdgeCynthia MillsGates Edge
Eadric AnstapaScott MillsGates Edge
Iaen MorJohn MooreGates Edge
Julianna of StargateJoan JohnsonGates Edge
Tessa the HuntressTheresa WilliamsGates Edge

Galen W. Bevel
galenbv at ix.netcom.com
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