[Coastal] Gulf War land, part 3

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Thu Mar 11 08:23:50 PST 2004

OK, I actually READ the text now. I already knew that I didn't have 
reservations, and overflow camping is fine with me if I need to do that.

Quoting "Galen W. Bevel" <galenbv at ix.netcom.com>:

> Hello all, 
> I sent a message to the board a couple of days ago including a list of
> everyone registered with reserved land.  I got a message back that it was
> held up for moderator approval because it was too big.  Since I have not
> received a message saying that it has gone through, and time is short, I
> intend to resend it now, split into multiple messages.  Please look for your
> Group and check your name.  
> Thanks, 
> Galen
> **************************
> Greetings!
> In response to several questions about who has reserved land and who has not,
> I submit the following list.  If your name is not on this list, then I have
> either not gotten a land request from you, or your name was not on the list
> we recieved from the Gulf War registry people.  If you registered and
> requested land, and your name is not on this list, I suggest that you contact
> the Gulf War registry (http://www.gulfwars.org/).   At this point, it is too
> late to get land allotted for you in our camp even if you get your
> registration problems corrected,so please see either myself or Baron Armand
> once you get to site before you set up camp.  Please also be aware that this
> is not an official channel for registration questions or answers, do not
> depend on this now or in the future for registration verification or
> inquiries.  Your registration is between you and the registrar, the land
> liasons have no input.  I would have posted this earlier, but I only got the
> registration informati!
>  on this weekend, and am only now finishing going through it.  If there is an
> NR listed next to a name in the list, that means you requested land but did
> not preregister.  That means you _do_not_ have land reserved for you at Gulf
> Wars.  There is no such thing as generic land reservation where you send your
> name in with a group but don't pre-register, as I have been told that some
> people have done; land is allocated to us based strictly on each persons
> pre-registration.  If you did not pre-register, then the Coast was not given
> land space to account for you, period.  There may be room for you to camp
> with us, but only after all preregistered campers have been assigned land. If
> there is not room, you will have to set up in overflow open camping rather
> than in the Coastal area.
> Thank you all!
> Graf Galen
> Coastal Land Liason
> SCA NameNameReg?Group
> Antonello del BelloAndrew Spies Stargate
> Thomas Thomas SoiceStargate
> Aaron Aaron Soice Stargate
> Melody Melody SoiceStargate
> Emily Emily Soice Stargate
> Askell Kelvin Soice Stargate
> Brenna Clare Penny Roberts Stargate
> Brian mac Cael Brian Stanley Stargate
> Dudley of Lauren Lake Dudley Lehmer Stargate
> Tiger of StargateLeon Norris Stargate
> Cassandra Stefne Che' McLeod Stargate
> Caitlin bean Ghearailt Kati Norris Stargate
> Gerald of Leesville Gerald norris Stargate
> NeassaKim Tucker Stargate
> Godwin of Eddington David Jurgens Stargate
> Ebergardis von Zell Coni jo Weed NRStargate
> ??? Brandon McDermott NRStargate
> Gwen verch Cynwrig de Ynys Mon Crystal Lewis Stargate
> Hillary Rose Greenslade Marsha R. GreeneStargate
> Lady Lucia Sara TallarovicStargate
> Iago Cabrerra de Cadiz Greg CoffmanStargate
> Isabell del la Stargate Emily Meyers Stargate
> Lyonette van Leydon Christina Blank Stargate
> Klare mette Katten Natalie CaldwellStargate
> Kaitlyn McKenna Robbin Foster Stargate
> Elise d'gailis Holly ComptonStargate
> Lady Lorien Loren Haigh Stargate
> Leofwine Of Sumersaeton Wayne Law Stargate
> Angela Of Sumersaeton Jerrica Law Stargate
> Ciarnat Of Firethorn Kim Law Stargate
> Malachai Morgan Dale Carroll Stargate
> Maureen Faulkner Jennifer Smith Stargate
> Michaels of Graves End Mike DowdyStargate
> Miguel del la Trebuchet Mike Meyers Stargate
> Andrew Scarheart Stargate
> ??? Shannon Lehmer Stargate
> Taya FitzPhilip Teressa Pomerantz Stargate
> Itai Pomerantz Itai Pomerantz Stargate
> Kemma Delamare Kim M Smith Stargate
> Thomas atte WoodeThomas Smith Stargate
> Crystal Berringer Crystal SimpsonLoch Soilleir
> Amalric des Etoile Joe SimpsonLoch Soilleir
> Brian Schwartz Brian SchwartzLoch Soilleir
> Libby Schwartz Libby SchwartzLoch Soilleir
> Wissa Melissa BestickLoch Soilleir
> Drake Metzger von Ratzenburg James Carl DunivanLoch Soilleir
> Ginevra RodneyGinger AlleeLoch Soilleir
> Giovanna Caronna Carolyn CaronnaNRLoch Soilleir
> Pace Sousa Gary PaceNRLoch Soilleir
> Jennette Makepays Elizabeth CombsLoch Soilleir
> Galen Eadwin Kirchenbauer Galen BevelLoch Soilleir
> Caitlin Bevel Caitlin BevelLoch Soilleir
> Kelsey Bevel Kelsey BevelLoch Soilleir
> Rebekah KleinspielerinRebecca BevelLoch Soilleir
> Lisabetta micola da monte Kimberly WellsLoch Soilleir
> Brylce Cousineau CJ GilsonLoch Soilleir
> Madog of GlastonburyMatt GilsonLoch Soilleir
> Vanessa de Verona Valerie HendersonLoch Soilleir
> William Blackwell William BlackwellNRLoch Soilleir
> William of Welewen William ButlerLoch Soilleir
> Wyllow MacMuireadhaigh Wendy OtteLoch Soilleir
> Belle de le Tour Belle OtteLoch Soilleir
> Caitlin nan Cnoc AirgheadCarolyn YoungGates Edge
> Carluccio di BiaChad SweetenGates Edge
> Cynthia of Gates EdgeCynthia MillsGates Edge
> Eadric AnstapaScott MillsGates Edge
> Iaen MorJohn MooreGates Edge
> Julianna of StargateJoan JohnsonGates Edge
> Tessa the HuntressTheresa WilliamsGates Edge
> Galen W. Bevel
> galenbv at ix.netcom.com
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