[Coastal] Defenders of the Coast and Fighters of the Coastal Region

Mike Dowdy mdowdy at houston.rr.com
Mon Mar 29 14:20:27 PST 2004

Defenders of Coast.... 

I salute you.... I salute our friends in the Coastal Region as well. We as a unit... as a region did a great many heroic deeds at this past Gulf War... Though our numbers as a unit and a region where low... we made up for it with our heart. 

We held the center flag and drove back our foes in the ravine battle...  a long hot and dirty fight.. I cannot think of any who I saw of the unit... of the region who where resting.. each person came to the resurrection point... and came back out with strength with courage... and with that tenacity that make us the Coast Region. 

We fought hard and true in the Town, we took a building.. and let none near it.. we battled  against the forces of Asguard to keep them at bay one very contested house... I myself went shield to shield with my brothers and sisters against Duke Bytor and his mighty  host.... 

We did our part in the field battle.. each time showing our foe what it is to be a Ansteorran... we had far to run... but we did in the true "we will not fail" style of the Coastal Region... 

Though we could not exploit the it... we did break through on the fort... with our low numbers ... a great feat indeed...

but here... the defense of the doomed fort  where not many may see... we did what we do best...we went to work..........  we with around 12 fighters in the region... STOPPED Glen Aub. at the gate... we... stopped them cold.. they gained no ground when they met our shields... and each of us  fought like  lions... to the last of us...... I do not know who all carried shields in that fray... but I do know each was a wall unto itself that day...we held...we fought,  and we died like heroes..  

again to the members of our humble unit, the Defenders of the Coast... and to our friends in the Coastal Region... Heroes you are.... may Heroes you always be. 

there are some fighters who deserve some wordfame 

Wissa, you did a great job at war, popping thought the enemy line was a great thing indeed...

Drake, your glaive was non stop... you did us proud

Madog, your spear... a asset... your energy... a gift to us all. 

Nissa, you carried our unit banner in several battles... knowing the risks ... you did this for the unit... I thank you for this.. 

For the folks not in our unit, Baron Armand, Sir Simon, and Sir Baden you  inspired us all... We thank you for that. There are many in your contingent that deserve words... but I do not know them. 

and for Sir Galen... our Regional Commander.... you did a right fine job... yes... a right fine job. 

I am honored to be one of you... 

Michael of Graves End, Capt. Defenders of the Coast

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