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Sun May 2 17:52:41 PDT 2004

Unto the Populace of Ansteorra, We, William and Katya,
send Our greetings.

We send this missive to request your aid.  We have
looked to the Land We care for in the name of the
Crown and find that our borders are large.   The
coastlines are long and ports are of importance to the
entire Kingdom.  Even though Loch Soilleir’s Guardians
are mighty and honorable with the skills and prowess
of the Hero’s of Legend, alas, they can not be
everywhere at once in defense of Our borders.  So Loch
Soilleir must have more Guardians.  

Therefore, We announce that at Loch Guardian, to be
held May 11 through May 16, a Grand Tournament will be
held to determine four new Loch Guardians.  All of
Ansteorra’s Youth are invited to attend so that they
may compete to become the first Loch Guardians in
Children, Youth, and Teen Boffer Combat and Youth
Chilvaric Combat.  

Be it known that all may compete in the Tournament,
but should you wish to be considered for the title of
Loch Guardian in any of the Divisions, you will need
to present yourselves before Us on the day of the
Tournament and declare your intent, and a Letter of
Intent would be appreciated.

We would also ask that those of the Youth Marshalate
would be willing to help in putting on this Tournament
to make yourselves know to us on Saturday May 15.

This We declare under our Own Hand,

William of Welewen and Narkissa Ekaterina Valdimirova 
Baron et Baroness
Loch Soilleir, Ansteorra

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