[Coastal] Rapier at Loch Guardian

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Fri May 7 09:19:28 PDT 2004


It was announced on the lists and in the Black Star that we would have a
fun rapier tourney at Loch Guardian.  This has upset His Excellency, Baron
William and he has asked me to pass on these words:

By my decree, there shall be NO DUELING in my barony.

For the upcoming Loch Soilleir event - Loch Guardian - I have appointed my
Rapier Champion, Baron Iago, to track down and seize the weapons of any
rapier fighter who is caught dueling.


But Her Excellency, Baroness Katya, who much admires the art of dueling,
has asked me to pass on her words:

By my decree, any fighter who has his or her weapons seized, can reclaim
them, after the appropriate gift is donated to the Barony.  And I have
noticed a need among my poorer subjects, so I request that all donations
be in the form of non-pershiable food items, which will be given to
churches to distribute to the poor.


If you have any questions contact Baron Iago at iagoah at aol.com.

Vivat the Dream!

Jennette Makepays
A Very Frazzled Event Steward who may just start muttering to herself

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