[Coastal] Coastal Region Scribe Gathering

Lisabetta coastal_scribe at ansteorra.org
Thu May 13 08:50:07 PDT 2004

Greetings unto the Scribes of the Coastal Region.

On Aug 21st from noon to 5pm We will have paints, charters, books, tables,
chairs, and friends. Please come join us. It will take place in Seabrook
which is south of Houston.

Clear Lake Park Civic Center on NASA Rd 1 in Seabrook.
Address for map quest is
5002 Nasa Road 1
Seabrook TX 77586

Please feel free to contact me at coastal_scribe at ansteorra.org

L'in-servizio con l'amore
La signora Lisabetta Micola da Monte

La vostra vita è la vostro propria...Grippilo

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