[Coastal] Coastal Land Reservations for Gulf Wars

RichardandDebra Parrish armand_caitrin at juno.com
Sun Nov 28 18:23:36 PST 2004

 Friends of the Coast...
 As the old year passes and the new one climbs eagerly over the 
 horizon, we all look at our calendar and realize that it is that 
time of year again.  Yes!  time to pre-register for Gulf Wars!!!  
 This year you can preregister online at  http://gulfwars.org/ as 
 well as all of the usual ways.   Please note that pre-registration 
closes on January 31st, and that you must be pre-registered in order 
 to reserve land for the war.  Anyone who has attended a Gulf War in 
 recent years can tell you that good land is at a premium so please 
do yourself a favor and get you and your group pre-registered as 
early as possible. To reserve land for yourself or your group, 
please follow the directions below.

 Directions for reserving land for Gulf Wars:
 1.      GW attendees pre-register for the war (deadline 1/31/05) 
 2.      Upon pre-registration, attendees contact their regional land 
 coordinator and request space with the group of their choice*
 a.      The regional coordinator may request that each group (house 
 hold, shire, whatever) assign one person to round up all of the 
 names & information for that group and submit to them. While this is 
 not a requirement, it does make the job easier for the regional 
 3.      Upon being contacted with a request for land, the regional 
 coordinator should gather the following information: 
 a.      SCA or mundane names of each person for whom land is being 
           It is preferable to get SCA and mundane names, but it is 
 not a requirement.
 b.      Tent dimensions (if possible) for persons requesting land, 
 along with who is staying in each tent.  Please remember that land 
 is allotted to us, and thus to you, based not on tent size, but 
 strictly on the number of people pre-registered.  If you have two 
 people registered in your tent, each with a 10x15 land allottment 
 and you bring a 20x30 tent, you may find that you will not be given 
 enough room to erect your tent.  (Allotted, 20X15; tent 20X30)  
 However, if you give us all of the relevant information about your 
 tent size we will do what we can to see if your tent can be fit in.  
 Just remember that all of the land you are guaranteed is 15x10 per 
 person, regardless of tent sizes.  
c.     Group with which they wish to camp. 
d.     It is also very helpful for registartion purposes if you can, 
indicate if the person is a minor.
 4.      Upon receiving the necessary information, the regional 
 coordinator will enter the data into the land management data base.
 5.      Land requests close (February 15th, tentative)
 6.    Remember-  you must be pre-registered _before_ you may reserve 
 *If the group that is requesting land is a pan-regional group such 
 as the Crane or Amazon households, they should make their land 
 request to GW liaison rather than a regional coordinator. 
 If you have any questions about camping with the Coastal Region, 
 please direct them to me. If I am unable to help, HE Godwin our
 liason will be.

 Good Luck and see you at the War!!!
 HE Armand de Lacy
 Coastal Region Land Coordinator
 Richard Parrish
 armand_caitrin at sbcglobal.net or baron at bordermarch.org

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