[Coastal] Gulf War XIV

HE Armand De Lacy baron at bordermarch.org
Sun Jan 16 17:21:58 PST 2005

My Friends...
Yes, another reminder.... war does rapidly approach. In less than 2wks, the pre-registering ends! 
Jan. 31, 2005 is the last day to send these forms in. If you cant find a form, go to http://www.gulfwar.org to locate these. I can accept land information until the end of Feb. 
I have recieved many request, I know there are more needed. The coastal region of Ansteorra has land reserved for us within the realm of Meridies, now is the time for you to claim it. With your support, our good King and Queen will lead us to victory. There are many things to see and witness at war... come and be a part of it. Thousands will see the Ansteorran banner take the field in March. Will you stand with her? 
Pre-register before Jan. 31, 2005
If you are going and cannot pre-register.... please send me your information before the end of Feb. 
What is needed:
Your sca/mundane name(s)
Tent size, with ropes
Group camping with ie,. Stargate/Loch/Seawinds/Gates-Edge/Greywood/Bordermarch
Coastal region of Ansteorra
Date of Arrival
Pre-registered y/n
Please send this on to others, whom may be interested.
Many thanks to all of you,
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