[Coastal] Kits at FP tonight

lisabetta@kjsl.com lisabetta at kjsl.com
Tue Sep 27 10:38:40 PDT 2005

Can a KM let me know before 4pm if there will be FP at UH tonight.

If so, populace we are still in need of the following Items and quanities.
If you plan on purchasing these and bringing them please let me know
before 3pm.  Whatever we don't have to put in the bags tonight will be
filled at the next stop on the route.
I have placed them in order of importance, and then how many we need.
Even if you can only do one or two andn ot the whole 5 that is okay. Just
please let me know asap.

I am without a car, I don't get off work till 6 tonight and will not get
home till 7 to get the stuff, then catch the Bus to UH. I am not sure how
long that will take so if you get there at 730 and don't see me please
bare with me i will be there as long as there is a practice going on.

Lisabetta...... wk 713-656-9172 cell after 6 pm 281-658-5687

List as of 12:30pm tuesday

Deodorant (ladies)	     5
Deodorant (mens)	     5
Toothbrush - Child	     5
Mouth Wash	     10
Toothpaste	     15
San. Napkins	     20
Tampons	              20
Wash Cloths	     25
Combs (not Rat Tail)   30
Pkg. of Moist wipes    5
Hand Sanitizer	     15
Pairs of Gloves	     18

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