[Coastal] Melee Practice UoH

Mike Dowdy mdowdy at houston.rr.com
Thu Aug 17 13:01:52 PDT 2006

folks have been asking about, hinting about, and well, plain asking about the Combined Stargate/Loch Monster Lollapalooza of  Doom and Destruction Melee Practice (ok ok.. its not near that big but it sounds good)  that has not in the last couple (ok a  lotta) of months happened. Tues *death heat month of August* the 29th we shall have a melee practice. GOTHIC is right around the corner  A couple of things.. folks can talk carpool info if they are going, we need to practice/ its just before gothic *hint hint* and.. its my BIRTHDAY.. hehe. So grab your spears. grab your swords, shields.. maces.. *sigh* and other unsightly implements of destruction........ just common out. Never been in the line and want to learn.. common out.. got armor and.. oooo scared to put it on.. well common out. Archer who needs to walk through motions . well common out. By the way, No I wont let you try and guess my age with sword hits.. but what the hell.. it would fun if ya tried (hmm Sir Alexis had a messed up hand.. he might be able to stand in for me muahahahah yeah right :) )
so come get some...... Folks in Seawinds/Stonebridge don't feel left out, I will heading that way a week or two after so that you to can..Ummm...  come get some. If I am lucky I will be able to bring someone to ummm share that love with........... just be ready for some melee practice. 

We the men, the women of the Coastal Region, we have shared triumph, we have shared defeat. We have held fast when no other could, we have never been broken. I want to say this.. so all can hear.I have never seen our line broken.We have been flanked as out allies fell, we have had enemies at our back as others failed...but we have never broken our line.   We are the great, the terrible, the mighty, and the magnificent Coastal region. We are all Heroes of Ansteorra. Stand proud Coastal. Stand proud

Centurion Michael 
Captain of the Defenders of the Coast
Coastal Regional Knights Marshal

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