[Coastal] Attn Coastal Fighters

Mike Dowdy mdowdy at houston.rr.com
Sun Jul 16 22:09:41 PDT 2006

Coastal Fighters,

This is the time of year it is customary for me to tell you of ill effects of heat. So... here goes.. Drink lots of water, lots of water.. lots and lots of water.. if ya feel sick or you think something is not right seek medical attention. Falling out from being sick from heat or heat stroke is serous business. For the Folks much like myself that are hard headed..  .. here goes.. Sun **BAD**.. hot **BAD**.. water  **GOOD.**........ 

now.. that is out of the way.. Coastal fighters.. this is the time of year you better be training your butt off. This is your time to work, use this heat.. this humidity as training tool. Don't kill yourself, but use it. This is a great way to help build up your endurance. There are not many folks that can or do train in the environment that we have. Imagine this, you are Joe fighter/squire from the *back in the woods shire*.. in the mighty kingdom of Ansteorra and you are fighting (insert anything from duke to sir) from up north.. on our field .. in our summer. You prolly wont beat that (insert title again) with skill ..  .. use the field.. use that heat. I suspect that you got a good chance of beating that person just by using the field advantage. 

Our Coastal fields in our summers are *our* proving grounds that have helped train many a knight, a few kings and a queen. 

and remember, pain is but a lesson, scars are the works of our labors, glory.. well..... stand with me at the  gate at war... hold that gate, I'll show ya what glory means to the Coastal Region.. Never quite.. Never surrender.  

Michael of Gravesend
Coastal Regional Knights Marshal

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