[Coastal] Coastal Regional Challenge

Sandra D lady_sabine_dubois at yahoo.com
Tue Nov 7 05:53:53 PST 2006

  I have spoke with our Sable Scroll and have learned that there are just enough painted scrolls to complete the current reign, but that there will be nothing to pass on to the next Sable Scroll.  In light of this information I am going to present a challenge to the Coastal Region scribes guildes.  
  I will award a $75.00 gift certificate to either Half-Price Books or Texas Art Supplies to the guild who produces the most quality painted scrolls between now and Coronation.  The scrolls needed are AOA's, Comet's, Thistles, Iris', Rising Stars, Cranes, and Talons.  
  If you need any charters please let me know.  I will be attending Bordermarch Melees and will have my box with me.  If you have any questions please let me know!
  In Service,
  Sabine Dubois
  Coastal Regional Scribe

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