[Coastal] Seawinds Defender--December 1-3

Patty prand at swbell.net
Wed Nov 8 06:50:21 PST 2006

Seawinds Defender 
   December 1-3, 2006              
  Duval County Park                                              Benavides, Texas
               Let it be knowne across the land: the time of trying the souls of the valiant is at hand!  Come forth and prove thy gallantry!
  Compete in as many contests as ye doth so desire! Or bare witness unto them all, one after another, from a single gallery.   Enjoy a complimentary feast throughout the entirety of the day as fine foods and drink are served unto the gallery, and even unto the contestant’s pavilion. Secondary lyst fields shall be provided for casual (non-tournament) combating in the four martial categories.  Participants of all combative contests are asked to pre-register for their competitions with a formal letter of intent.  All are encouraged to be represented by their own personal herald.
  "If thou are in lack of thine own Herald, one shall be appointed to thee.  Shouldest thou find thyself without a letter of intent, perhaps a Herald from our lyst shall produce one for thee."
   -- Dan the Artisan of Sawcliffe
        co-autocrat and Herald
  Competing Heralds are to be introduced and judged by the gallery, immediately following the tournament
  Everyone!  Please bring your banners and tapestries to hang, and cover tents.
  Tournament Lysts
  Chivalric Defender                                                                                                   Rapier Defender
  Equestrian Defender                                                                                                Archery Defender
  Non Martial Contests
  Arts and Science                                                                          Bardic and Heralding judged by populace 
  Further interest
  Friday Night Hospitality Table                                                                                Merchants welcome
  Friday and Saturday Night Revelry                                                                         Youth Boffer                   
  Directions to Duval County Park
  Take your best route to George West.
  Take 281 South south to Alice approximately 40 miles
  Exit 359/44 W to San Diego approximately 7 miles
  Turn left on to 359 to Benavides approximately 17 miles
  Continue on 359 approximately 5 miles past Benavides
  The site is on the right hand side of the road past a small rest area.
  Look for signs.
  Site opens at 5 pm on Friday: (Closes at 12 noon on Sunday
  Flush privies and hot showers
  Above ground fires permitted
  Alcohol in period containers only
  Contact Information
       Lord Dan the Artisan (Dan Lankford)              
              1914 Tuloso Rd  CC,TX 78409
                     (361) 242-3396                                                                 
                 dan_the_artisan at yahoo.com                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Lady Calena di Rosa Nero (Kelly Webb)
              6301 Old Brownsville Rd  CC,TX 78415
                          (361) 438-2344
             zeusbabycakes at yahoo..com                                                                                                                                            
  Contest Rules
  Contestants will give their letters to their Herald to read to the gallery, (mainly to the nobility seated there in).
            You can have your Herald write, add to, or re word the letter if you like. Remember this is their competition too.
            To those who are interested in competing, I would suggest approaching someone of your choice to herald for you, not myself as I will not be eligible
  for the heralding competition.
            To those who are interested in heralding at this event, I would suggest finding someone to represent. We would like to see one Herald per Contestant,
  and vise verse. Multiple match ups will of course be allowed for "on site" match ups if necessary.
            A combating competitor can act as Herald for someone who is competing in different field category.
            Contestants and Heralds who are not matched up prior to the event will be matched on site as soon as possible.
            To the heralding entries who do not find a Champion to represent prior to the event, I suggest writing up a letter of intent before hand, in case the
  contestant you are matched with has no letter. If the Combateer you are matched with has a letter, you can merge your own with it. After all, as a
  Herald you want to be competitive as well. How ever, please try to avoid "false claims" such as a "the past champion of an actual competition," if 
  they are not.
            I hope this is not confusing.
            Dan the Artisan of Sawcliff
            Herald of Seawinds
            Defender co autocrat
  Feast Information
  If you don’t come for the competitions, come just for the food!
  All Day Tournament Feast
                                        Break the Fast Course
  Frumenty with Milk and Honey (Porridge)
  Bread with Butter and Jam
  Pork Sausage
  Boiled Eggs
  Coffee and Orange Juice
  Midday Tournament Course
  Carved Ham and Beef Sausage
  Cheddar Cheese
  Bread with Lombard Mustard
  Fried Fig Pasties
  Late Day Tournament Course
  Fresh Fruit
  Assorted Pickles and Olives
  Cheese Wafers
  Meat Pasties
  Ember Day Tarts
  Evening Court Courses
  Course of Board
  Onion and Leek Sops
  Bread with Honey Butter
  Mock Mead
  Course of Pinnacle
  Braised Beef with Cameline Sauce
  Roasted Chyckens with Orange Rosewater Sauce
  Blancmange of Shellfysshe (Shrimp and Rice)
  Roasted Root Vegetables (Carrots, Parsnips, and Turnips)
  Buttered Worts (Various Greens)
  Spiced Apple Cider
  Course of Departure
  Pears in Confection
  Baked Rice Pudding Stuffed Apples
      Mock Ypocras (Spiced Dessert Wine)

    Feast Stewards:  Lady Apollonia de Avena ( apollonia_de_avena at yahoo.com ) 
                               Lady Caitriona inghean Mhic Lochlainn ( prand at swbell.net )
  Equest-o-crat:  Lady Isabol of Dark Horse Keep (Heather Vernon) darkhorsekeep at yahoo.com
  Fees and Regulations
  Site (includes all-day feast): $15 adult; $8 under 12 yrs; family max $45
  ****Make checks payable to:  SCA Inc/Shire of Seawinds****
  Minors must be accompanied by a parent/legal guardian.  They may also attend with a >21 year old adult with a signed and notarized Minor Event Waiver from the parents.  

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