[Coastal] Thank you's from TBTL

Lisabetta lisabetta at kjsl.com
Mon Oct 9 10:41:43 PDT 2006

Although I said many Thank yous at the event I wanted to repeat and add
some here..

First and foremost, There are 6 people who made this feast happen,
Lord Fergus, - You were to have just one area of food to deal with and when
the pain hit and I lost pace. You stepped up and ran with everything else.
Thank you for getting everything cooked and out on time

Frida, - Oh my what can I say.. you mentally supported me in the morning
when certain items disappeared and within minutes you were at the store
and back with them. Not only did you prep, but you took care of both your
lord husband, and myself. You also taught the girls how to do some of the
baking! Children were actually able to learn.

Lady Kemma, - This is only the second time you and I have worked together
and talk about clock work, you kept everything on time and everything
clean. Most of all you taught the girls in the kitchen how to cut veggies,
and make the turnips. Teaching our youth is alwawys important to me.

Bianca, - even though you had three different meals to cook for the
children & youth you were relentless about helping in the kitchen. Lifting
and carrying, mixing and pouring. Then helping serve in the evening.. I
could not be more proud to have you as my daugther.

Yumi & Wyllow, - my Cleanup crew.. I couldn't stand in there long but I
know you guys did a bangup job and thank you for taking it on.

There are many others who throughout the day did something to brighten the
day and lend a hand, They are
Eric ( Giavonna's son), Leofwin, and another young lad whose name I
missed, for unloading and loading my car.
Julia, (Fergus & Frida's daugther) was egaer to learn and work in the
kitchen and was fabulous.
Don Tristan, Having you come in a check at lunch, and later in teh day
with  a silly face and nice words was uplifting to us all.
Don Modius & baron William, having you check in meant the world to me.
Lessa, Your kind words throughout the day still remain with me.
Hedwig, your insight into the kitchen and where things go after my feet
died saturday is forever apperciated.
Gunther, - Thank you Thank you for lending me your voice during feast.

The following people guided me throughout my research of period dishes,
and put up with me changing it and changing it.. thank you

Mistress Clara, HL Alden, HL Suzanne de la Ferte, Lord Fergus, Lord
Gunther, Lady Hedwig, Count Gunther, Bear, and the sca-cooks list.

If I have forgotten anyone please forgive me as my memory has not yet
recovered completely. I really enjoyed doing this feast for the Barony
that long ago was my home, and is the home that my children claim.

Nel servizio al nostro Barony ed Incorona
Lady Lisabetta Micola da Monte,

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