[Coastal] Gate's Edge Drachenstich Feast

c lambright clambright2000 at yahoo.com
Tue Oct 10 09:12:39 PDT 2006

Greetings to all

On October 14, this Saturday, the Shire of Gate's Edge
will be hosting their event, Drachenstich (website

Our most Brilliant, Lord Carluccio di Baia, plans a
sumptuous feast, but please note feast spaces are
limited, reserve today at gatesedge at gmail.com. 

The planned feast incudes: 

--Gurkensalat - Cucumber Salad 
--Badische Lauchsuppe - Baden Leek Soup 
--Blindes Huhn - Carrots and Green Beans with Bacon
and Apples 
--Schmorkraut - Braised Fresh Cabbage 
--Bratwurst - Sausage freshly made right here in
Gate's Edge (**See note below for other meat option)
--Mandel Scharf und Pflaume Scharf - Almond and Plum
--Special Chocolate Cake from your Event Stewards.

**For those that require a more mild fare, we have a
chicken option. This option must be reserved in
advance at gatesedge at gmail.com with our Feast
Reservations Coordinator, Sarra Asshton, by WEDNESDAY

You can reserve your place at our boundiful tables by
emailing gatesedge at gmail.com with each person in your
party's SCA name, legal name, and if under 6, child
(6-12) or adult (+12). OR you can use ACCEPS to pay in
advance and reserve feast all at once at

Thanks to all and see you this weekend!!

Event Stewards 
Ladies Alesone Lesie and Cristyana Lambrecht


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