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Sat Sep 2 15:01:46 PDT 2006

If anyone is interested, soon-to-be-famous Fantasy author Elaine Isaak  
(known in the SCA as Lady Lelage la Perigrina)  will be in town next  weekend (Sept 
9 & 10).  She is teaching at the  Bay Area  Writers League workshop 
(_www.bawl.org_ (http://www.bawl.org) ) on Saturday.
On Sunday, I am hosting an open house for anyone who would like to meet the  
author.  The Singer's Crown was released by Eos books last fall, and the  
sequel, The Eunuch's Heir will be available this coming October. Check out  her  
website at _www.elaineisaak.com_ (http://www.elaineisaak.com) 
Besides being a published writer, she is also a world traveler, sculptress,  
poet, and costume designer (she recently returned from WorldCon, where she  
received an award in their costume competition for her portrayal of Tolkein's  
Ents)  - you've seen me wearing some of her creations at events.
So, if you'd care to join us for afternoon tea, assorted munchies, and  
conversation please drop in on Sunday, September 10 anytime between 2-5pm  at my 
farm in Alvin.  Give me a call or drop me an e-mail for directions.  
281-756-9621 (before 8:30pm)
--Katharyn Clatworthy

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