[Coastal] hug yer local Knights Marshal

Mike Dowdy mdowdy at houston.rr.com
Tue Sep 12 23:42:30 PDT 2006

The other day a lady at work thanked me for changing her tire. This was a simple thing, but it reminded me of all the hard work. ( the lifting.. pulling.. pushing) that the local knights marshals do. Out of all the officers that we have, I think they are one of the hardest working and worked that we have. 

Many folks look at the local knights marshals as.. **ooo a fighter who is a officer..**  Well I Challenge those folks and any who think this, to do get their hands dirty and do the job. It is not a easy thing to lift the extra (in some cases like Maddog of the Loch multiple bags) 50 plus pound bags of armor. To bring, week after week, after week. That's a job. 
These are the current and recently past Knights Marshals of the Coastal Region
When you see them, shake their hand, give them a hug.. let them know that that they have done good. We should all be proud of how how these folks have reresented our region.  

In no particular order... 
Maddog (Loch)
Sir Henri  (Greywood)
Malcolm du Crawford (Boardermarch)
Scarheart (past Stargate)
Sir Simmon  (past-Boadermarch)
Soren Redhammer( Past-Seawinds)
Lord Owen of Seawinds (Seawinds)
Lord Tora (gates edge)
Dolphin of Cork (past Gates Edge)
Lord Thomas Gordon (Stone Bridge Keep)

(if I missed anyone send me a mail, ill fix it hehe)

Centurion Michael of Gravesend
Coastal Regional Knights Marshal


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