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When we last looked into this, however, Leofric threw together some
quick plans and costs - a pole barn in the same sizes was about $5000
(and that also was ~10 years ago).  Now we all know Leofric is something
of a perfectionist, and that price might have included the walnut inlay
on each pole and the gilding for the cross beams, but a $100 - $150
rental each year of that tent near Bordermarch seemed to make more

There have been several buildings approved for use at GW, and we can ask
to use an already approved plan, or we can go through the process to get
a permanent structure built, with plan approval, etc.  As I recall, one
of the cheapest options was a permanent wooden frame, that was then
covered by reused tarps at the beginning of the war...

Even more faulty memory - I think the Kingdom pays ~$1000 a week for the
large pavilion behind the Ansteorran gate, and I think Neassa's correct
- only certain folks can get the tents...

Happy to add half-information and vague recollections to the confusion,

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Those numbers are astronomical!

Last time someone checked into this for Coastal (which was YEARS ago), I
think the problem wasn't cost. I think the rental arrangement simply
didn't allow for private groups to rent the tents at Gulf War. I don't
know if this was a Gulf War restriction (it would be a nightmare for the
Event Staff to have to keep up with private SCA rentals...) This may
have changed in the intervening years, I'm not sure.

Go get 'em William!


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> We just did research about this but for a local event. If anyone wants

> the word doc let me know and I will forward it along with the name of 
> the contact that did it for us.

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