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Mon Apr 9 21:18:00 PDT 2007

I am excited about this conversation! 
Construction for a week to week and a half event is not a bad idea considering how many people it impacts and has support from. Yeah, we may use it just a week... but the same could be said for the Ansteorran gate. 
As for the suggestion about straw, yes there is a chance of mildew and break down if not treated. Yes, there has to be a concrete base for the straw.  There are certain straw you must use... more mildew resistant and it must be sealed from the weather with a layer of concrete or stucco. It was just a suggestion. Certainly there are more people in society more knowledge about building cob houses than me.
I like the used tire idea as well ... but that is the tree hugger in me speaking.  I like to recycle exspecially if it can be made into something useful and period in appearance. 
Of course, a pole barn maybe just be as pleasing/ period in appearance. We just do not have concrete comparision costs nor have we discussed a definate size to base said numbers. 
Should it be 30 X 30? Have plumbing? Walls? We could discuss this at upcoming events.
Seawinds is proud to be Coastal and we will help raise funds to support a structure on Coastal lands. I am looking forward to further discussion on the subject at upcoming Coastal events.
Thank you Baron William for opening this discussion,
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