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Greetings sent to all...

I am need of your input regarding the future of the Sunday Dance Guild.  We
are having trouble attracting/maintaining enough dancers to accomplish a
variety of dances at Sunday Dance.  I'm now trying to determine what it is
that is keeping people from coming out.  I'd appreciate you looking at the
questions that follow, answer them truthfully and respond back to me so that
I can figure out how to approach the problem.

Sunday dance is currently held on the 2nd and 4th Sundays of each month from
2pm - 4pm at Oaks Presbyterian Church, 1576 Chantilly in the near northwest
area of Houston.

1.  Do you skip simply because you dont want to dance or dont like dancing?
if you like dancing, then proceed.
2.  Are you having problems attending because the location is inconvenient?
If so, what part of town is more convenient for you?
3.  Is Sunday a bad day?  What day would be better for you?
4.  Is Sunday ok, but the time bad?  If Sunday is ok, should we try to go
earlier in the day or later in the evening?

If you all could contemplate these questions and respond back privately, I
thank you.  When i receive your answers, I'll sort through them and attempt
to make adjustments as needed in effort to increase attendance in the Guild.
Your cooperation is imperative and appreciated.

In service,

Ld Antonello del Bello
Stargate Sunday Dance Guild
antonello.sca at sbcglobla.net

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