[Coastal] Merchants needed and wanted for Stargate Baronal

betta ladylisabetta at yahoo.com
Wed Mar 28 00:22:38 PDT 2007

Greeting all merchants (and populace if you have a friend who is a 
merchant send them this email) . 

Stargate Baronial is right around the corner, If you are interested in 
coming to our fair lands we open our gates and invite all merchants to 
join us. 

However please contact Signora Lisabetta with your intentions, so that 
I may give you land in our township. 

email is lisabetta at sophisticatedkaos (DOT) com  if you don't get a 
response with a questionare within 24 hours please send a second request 
to lisabetta at kjsl (DOT) com

Stargate Baronial is April 20-22 at Livingston Trade Days Site

In service I remain 
Signora Lisabetta Micola da Monte

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