[Coastal] Sunday Melee/War Practice and Newest Centurion at Steppes Warlord

Mike meggiddo at netzero.net
Thu May 31 09:48:38 PDT 2007


On Sunday morning there was a gathering of 21 good gentles upon the List 
Field and the poles and the ropes removed for the Melee War practice. 

HRM Romanius Scipio Vesperanius (KSCA - Knight in SCA) called Lord 
Cionaodh O'Hosey before him, thus opening court. Then calling forth the 
Order of the Centurions of the Sable Star as well.

Welcome to the newest Centurion of the Ansteorra -

Centurion Cionaodh O'Hosey


Rapier folks had gone into the hall and held their tournament there.

The original field that was planned for this Melee practice was flooded 
and it was moved to the East of the building and the list field there.

Several scenarios were accomplished based upon the past year Gulf War. 
Primarily, large force vs smaller force, one with more more spears and 
less shields against that of more shields and less spears.

Gate openings as well was include.

There were two archers present - one with crossbow and one with recurve. 
Each were armed with 20 crossbow bolts or 20 combat arrows.

Everyone had fun and then continue with breaking down the field.

Thank you to one and all for coming out and getting into armor.

HL Katya and Lady Elinor for manning the waterbearer station and 
supplying water and gatorade with pickles and oranges.

Lord Michael Kettering
Steppes Knight Marshal
Combat Archer for the Condottieri

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