[Coastal] New Coastal List Moderator

Cian Conor MacQuaid Cian at MacQuaid.org
Thu Nov 29 12:46:25 PST 2007


Our travels now take us to Atlantia, so the time has come to have 
someone else take over the administration of this list. At this time, 
the duties are limited to checking for real messages in the spam, and 
clearing the pending messages held as spam. It is far from onerous, but 
it does need to be done.

We will be appointing a primary and a secondary (or co-primaries - 
however you work it out). If you wish to apply please send your 
applications to our esteemed Web Minister The Honorable Lady Chiara 
Francesca and myself. Our addresses are above.

We will miss this Kingdom and its people.

Vivat Ansteorra!


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