[Coastal] Demo at Ingleside Ren Faire was a big hit

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Wed Dec 17 03:01:13 PST 2008

Greetings Coastal and Ansteorra!

I wanted to thank all those wonderful people from North Coastal and Shadowlands that came down to?Seawinds' "BIG DEMO" last weekend. 

His Grace Ulsted saved the day by bringing Plum and making jousting happen! Thank you?Sir Alexius as well!?You?are the bomb! His Grace jousted and rapier fought. Seawinds thanks you for your dedication!

Her Grace Ebergardis... your hospitality and assistance even with a twisted ankle, you helped get the word out about our shire at the faire and even got on a horse a time or two. I know that was not easy with your injury. Thank you!

Christiana ( I know I must be spelling that wrong) You heralded the jousting and helped out sooo much taking care of horses! You are just such a wonderful person! Where do you get your energy? Thank you!

Lady Lorraine, you are amazing and without you.. jousting would not have happened as well. Lorraine you have been a continued support of Seawinds throughout the years so it was no surprise when I saw you kick into work mode. You helped lay out the field so that we had a safe place to do this much anticipated event. We had lots and lots of list ropes but without experienced people like you showing us how and where to set the ropes and barriers... we would have been lost! The crowd went wild about the jousting! Thank you once again!

Lord Brian, Thank you from your family to the south! You heralded, rapier fought, and did a lot of grunt work. Seawinds appreciates you brother! You even encouraged some rapier fighters to come down and with that we actually were able to have a rapier melee demonstration. 

Thank you Stubbs, Amanda and Dietrick (Sorry Peter... I think I killed your name too <wink>) You guys rock! You really made the rapier?demo! You all should have seen them get into personna play on that field. I really thought the gauntlets were being thrown and the crowds loved it!

Thank you all from coming and making this a great success! The Ingleside Chamber of Commerce were very impressed. We just keep getting bigger and prettier every year! Which is not possible with out many of our friends throughout the kingdom! The Chamber told us there was 3500 people through the gate on saturday with over 30 vendors! 

We have to thank the artisian of Seawinds and the fabulous cooks! Without them we wouldn't look as pretty and as colorful as we do and without Lady Pamela and HL Catriona in the kitchen serving those hearty/ yummy meals...?we would have starved! :)

Coastal, we had a fabulous time! Same time next year! Second weekend in December... Come down and play! 

We are looking forward to Coastal Invasion?on the third weekend in?Feb. to get the opportunity to play with our friends once again!
See the "work in progress"?website for Coastal here: http://seawinds.org/

We had one injury... a helm broke a weld. Oh I must share this sad story told by Lord Wayland about "his Precious" i.e. his pretty helm.

Thanks again! Ya'll come see us!

HL Caley
Proud Seawinder
Co-autocrat Coastal Invasion

Wayland's Precious:

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Subject: [SCA-Seawinds] Renn Faire injury--- loved one needs surgery
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Date: Monday, December 15, 2008, 9:50 AM

It is a sad thing, especially at this time of year, to have a loved one needing surgery. There was a tragic accident on Sunday, my Precious suffered severe damages, broken but there is hope. Thanks to Doctors at the Chad Institute with their state of the arts high tech facility, Precious may make a full recovery. Donations are always accepted, beer, sheep, llamas, etc, a shirt for Gavin!!? ANYTHING!!! dig deep for a loved one during this holiday season.

Donations may be sent to the Save a Helm Foundation

Lot's of fun was had by all at the Renn Faire. I'm nursing only one bruise (okay, so it covers my entire body). Gordon Thomas, used his Jedi powers to crush my poor defenseless helm into oblivion (hi Oblivion, how's the wife & kids?) He felt really bad about it, but these things happen. I mean it IS a contact sport. That being said, I'm sure I can milk this sympathy thing to get a few free beers every time I see Gordon- 0- "Sigh,.....Hey Gordon, remember how pretty my helmet used to be???"? LOL Actually, Gordon's got himself a new helm, Precious 3.0. It's very nice, we did our best to dent it but I think a few duct tape smudges was all it suffered. "Hey Gordo, Remember when my helm was pretty like yours?? I need a beer to wash down these tears Gordo, sniffle, sniffle"

Yarraslav was a big hit at the forge looking stunning I must say. He and his assistant wore matching uniforms comprised of bulging muscles with soot smudge?highlights. (You should've SEEN the ladies trying to not look like they were staring)

Our artisans had a large variety of wares and were demonstrating their skills.

Jousting was a huge draw again! (I have GOT to get a horse trailer) Lorraine & Ulstead did a great job of thrilling the audience with their noble steeds.

Oh, and a HUGE round of applause for all the fencers who came down. They were awesome! What a show they put on, very entertaining! I take off my hat in salute to the fine rapier fighters who showed..or I would if I HAD a hat..."Hey Gordo! Remember when I first got my helm and the brass trim wasn't bent and the bars weren't broken? sniffle, sniffle..." Why yes, I'd love another Shiner beer"

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