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Kudos go out to Lady Arabella McCleod (Bella) from the Coastal Region for her very generous donation of $250 to the Known World Party Fund! Woo Hoo!!!! She just moved to Ansteorra last fall and wishes to challenge any and all fellow Ansteorran to donate! The more donations the grander the Party! 

Ansteorra, if this was a War Point, I think we are in the running!!! 

Come celebrate the "Carnivale of Venice" Friday night at the Fort.

Vivat Ansteorra!

HL Caley

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Greeting fellow Ansteorrans,
We are short our Known World Party fundraising goal by almost $300 with only 3 
weeks until Gulf Wars! Its crunch time! Each kingdom has been requested to raise 
$500. The other kingdoms represented at Gulf Wars are meeting or exceeding this 
goal. These donated funds will be used to buy alcohol and other supplies for the 

Thanks go out to these fine ladies of the Steppes: Baroness Katherine, HL 
Rixende, and Lady Elizabeta, for raising $100 at a Steppes fighter Practice. As 
well as the good people of Seawinds who donated $105.

Please pass the hat at your local level fighter practices and send them on to 
Coastal Invasion this coming weekend. I will be passing the hat once again 
there.?I can be found under the Troll pavillion taking your donations. 

Reminder: These monies can not come from any groups bank account for they will 
be used to purchase alcohol and other mixings.

with hopes of quenching the throats of wary travels?at Gulf Wars and building 
strong kingdom relations,

HL Caley
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