[Coastal] Loch Sollier Chivalric Fighter Practice

John Cooney jc at xephius.com
Thu Jul 24 16:11:22 PDT 2008


	I tend to agree with what Alexis was saying earlier, we are in the  
heat of summer and not many (including myself) are easily motivated to  
put on armor in the heat of summer.
	I will say that Othar/Arthur of Stargate has had success in getting  
the existing fighter base to show up to mid-day Saturday fights in the  
park. Based on my opinion this is due to his efforts to roust people  
out of the home and onto the field, not so much the change of venue. I  
would much rather practice at night and have the weekend with the  
	Arthur has done a great job of recruiting others to help carry the  
enthusiasm. I would suggest making calls, organizing specific practice  
goals. One of the great things the Loch has going for it is a large  
population of Knights who love to fight. You don't have to do much to  
get them on board with a plan.

	We do need to recruit more new fighters, it wouldn't hurt to get the  
fighters we do have back out in practice.

	Lets plan on getting together, I will help you (if you like) come up  
with a plan and help you get the "volunteers" to move forward on the  


On Jul 24, 2008, at 5:37 PM, Wissa Bear wrote:

> Thanks everyone who has written so far.  I understand people not  
> wanting to change things, but by not changing anything its not  
> answering a need for recruitment.  We could add a second practice  
> instead of changing the current one, but that’s more effort that I  
> haven’t heard an interest in pursuing.
> Remember I’m asking this question because people are NOT coming to  
> the weekly practice.  Sure it just might be a summer slowdown, but  
> it won’t pick up all that much in the fall.  And to get new fighters  
> to fill up practice people need to see what we do.  And they won’t  
> see anything on the U of H campus.
> Wissa
> Loch Knight Marshall
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