[Coastal] Sunday Tourney in the Park

Jerry dreifuerst at gmail.com
Fri Jul 25 22:50:13 PDT 2008

Greetings Fellow Stargate Area Combat Enthusiasts,

This Sunday, yes just over 36 hours from now, the Stellar Barony of the
Stargate will be hosting its third monthly Grand Tournament in the Park at 3

Our kind sponsors for the July tournament are the wonderful couple of Sir
Godwin and his lady Baroness Lissa.  The skilled calligraphers of Stargate
(kudos to A&S Minister Thomas) even as I type are applying ink to paper and
just waiting to add your name to the line where it says CHAMPION.  If he's
lucky, Thomas might even get to add his own name should he take the list on

There is plenty of parking, shade and restrooms. Just bring a chair and
something cold to drink and join the Stargate for our July Grand Tourney in
the Park at 3 pm.

Special post tourney fun:  Everyone gets to chase down the Knight Marshal
for some post tournament melee practice!  Bring a spear, glaive, or whatever
swords you've got.

Your favorite Knight Marshal,

Arthur Morganson

Full plate and packin' steel!
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