[Coastal] Common Tent at Gulf Wars

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Tue Mar 4 16:07:53 PST 2008

I also plan on digging a nice deep fire pit in the Loch area -  
wherever my good Baron points.  After we clear the cauldrons and  
saucepots, it is open for bardic circles or tall-tale swaps.  (I  
won't get to see any of the fighting - I'd love to hear how Sir X was  
legged by Peon Y - and other rare and wondrous happenings. )  You are  
welcome to come & join us there, too.

In Service to the Dream,
--Wyllow of the Loch

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> Please cross post.
> I have not received comentments for garage
> pavillions/tents/etc. to try top set up a common tent
> area in the Coastal lands at this point in time.
> I am afraid it will be a bit lost cause for this Gulf
> Wars.
> The Loch is trying to bring 2 garage Pavillions to set
> up as our kitchen/commons area and all are welcome to
> join us there as room permits the crowd...
> William

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