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Pray, forgive any unintentional omissions or name misspellings below...
Please advise, and a corrected edition shall be publicized.

"GATE" / some say "Troll"/ 
is the place that arivees step out first and are welcomed into an event.
Sometimes it is at Gate that "a person is inspired," says Lady Libby, 
who a few years ago first found her slot in SCA after months of meetings and practice gatherings, 
when she thereafter found her passion in painted wall hangings as decor at Gate.

BAM Gate hours were covered from Thursday Nov 20 noon until Saturday afternoon Nov 22,
day and night, because of the selfless endeavors of specific individuals 
who gave time far beyond the slot for which they volunteered.

Days, though unusually chilled for Autumn Melees, had weather otherwise pleasant enough 
except for the vast winds that billowed the gate tent up ~then down again. 
But during those dark shivering nights, participants were welcomed with warmth and cheerful 
greetings from Gate Staff, where great thanks are due to the annonymous persons who provided heaters, 
blankets, sweets, warm beverages, lights, and sausage meals for Gate Staff.

Appreciation is given for many who shared in the shift work from Thursday noon through Saturday:
HE Elisabeth Mount Verde, Baroness of Bordermarch,
HE Katheryn Cunningham, Baroness of the Steppes, 
HE Druinne de Salesberie, Baroness of Elf Sea;
Lady Cataline,
Lady Katitcha,
Lady Libby,
Lord Sasha,
Lady Aingeal -who also served event as helpful CiC;
Mistress Saundra for gating-in and giving us a thumbs up for operations;
Lord Goderic, 
Lord Zane
Lord Adolf,
Lord Phocas,
Lady Theresa of Bordermarch;
Mistress Jalali of Salamis,
Mistress Nerak
Lady Marsilla of Gleann Ahbann;
Prior Gilbert of Gleann Ahbann;
Lady Brenna MacDonald;
Lady Susan;
Lady Clara Marshall......
Lord Yamai of Loch Sollier... the latter two of whom gave extended hours and energies far above and beyond
a regular stint at Gate and who returned again to help Gate Saturday mid-day.

To Lord Grimvere of Rosenfeld and to Lord Malachai, Coastal Treasurer, who were willing when available,
and Mistress Rhiannon, Central Treasurer, for assisting when someone else had to change obligations during event;
Especial gratitude to Security Staff men of RavensFort who manned themselves at Gate tent in the distant hours of Saturday 2:00 AM to 5:00 AM, middle of the night, offering guardianship for the two ladies on duty.

Thank you to HE Santiago, Lord Adolf, and Lord Goderic for securing the gate down to terra firma with weighty bails of hay after day winds moved the entire framework.  
Also, several friends were missed who were unable to event due to illness or modern life needs; 
but, thank you for having been willing to sit gate, had you been present:
HL Donnel, Lady Ellen, Lady Carletta, Lord Ricciardo, Mistress Annes, 

And... with the gate swinging both ways, the event closed Sunday, site was cleaned and left barren of activity...
until the next time a clarion call drives artisans and warriors, bards and teachers, merchants and shoppers, back to the grand BorderKeep for more fun.
Each one is appreciated. 
    From your 2008 BAM Gate Co-ordinators,
        Lady Asatriona Padraigin & 
        HE Countess Tessa, Baroness Bordermarch

Vivat Bordermarch!
Vivat Ansteorra!
Vivat, yes, Vivat; All Hail, to beloved neighbors: Gleann Ahbann
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