[Coastal] equestrian practice, and Gulf Wars

Laura Jean Betenbaugh periodwarhorse at yahoo.com
Tue Feb 3 00:27:23 PST 2009

Greetings all,
We are official! We have SCA insurance, so during all the remaining Equestrian practices held at Little Moon Farm we will be able to do authorizations. It is located at 16916 Brumbelow Rd. Needville, TX 77461.

  If you are now, or ever have been authorized for equestrian, and are attending Gulf War this year, please help! We have some of the best riders in the known world in Ansteorra, but, due to the nature of the war point competition, we often lose that point. WE NEED MORE BEGINNER AND INTERMEDIATE RIDERS COMPETING. Our rival kingdoms have more of the lower level riders, and they take the 3 top scores in  each level to determine the competition's winner. We often don't have 3 riders in the walk and in the trot division, so we lose the point. If you can come to the practice on Feb 15, we will get your authorization taken care of, and I'll lone you a mount for the competition at war.


HL Lorraine Fraser

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