[Coastal] Loch Soilleir Practice

Brian O'hUilliam brianoftheloch at gmail.com
Wed Feb 4 10:20:56 PST 2009

It was with heavy hearts last night that we held our first practice at
Centennial Park in Pearland.  It was decided to hold practice as a way to
honor our fallen friend who had given so much of himself to rapier combat in
the Greater Houston area as well as the Kingdom.  He would want want us to
do what we love, what he loved-fighting in friendship and fellowship.
Christoforo's service and commitment to rapier combat and to every
individual who was at practice last night will be missed and will never be

The practice went well.  We had a large turnout for the rapier side
including fighters from Shadowlands, Gate's Edge, and Stargate in addition
to Loch. The Chivalric field turned into more rapier fighters and Loch
Knight Marshal, Lady Wissa, took steps to become authorized in rapier combat
so that she might join us upon the field at Gulf Wars!  Huzzah!

We will still be looking for a more central location that is more suitable
to fighters to the north, but until that time we will continue fighting in

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