[Coastal] Coastal Idenity

Bill Butler chemistbb3 at yahoo.com
Sat Jan 24 19:34:33 PST 2009

Unto the Coastal Region of Ansteorra do I, William Wescot of Welewen, send greetings.

I would say to you that the rumors of WAR are true.  Soon the Armies of Ansteorra shall march East to meet the Trimarian Host.  We must make ourselves ready so that we will be at the forefront of the Army of Ansteorran Heros.

But yet, how shall we be known? As part of the many of the host of the mighty Ansteorran Army?  How shall it be known that the Coastal Army of Ansteorra is upon the field.   

I remember stories from the past.  Stories of the Defenders of the Coast.  Stories of how they were given the difficult jobs because it was known that they would do them.  Of how they took the Gates at the castle at several Gulf Wars.  How they were tasked with stopping the Trimarian Host from returning to their lines from the Trimarian reserection point in the Ravine.  How they held their lines and broke the lines of their opponents.  That all the commands they knew contained the word advance.  

But alas, they are no more, gone who knows where.  Maybe they are only myths, or only stories for children.  Perhaps they live the life of a cavaleir.  Maybe thay can be found in other Kingdoms, or training other warriors in different areas of this our Great and Grand Kingdom.  Who knows, they may have become old and fat, holding lands in the Crown's name.  By chance, maybe one could have even become King. But the Surcoats, per bend sinister, Azure and Gules, are gone from the Field.

So, yet again I ask, how shall the Coastal Army of Ansteorra be know? When we take the Field for Crown and Kingdom, how will our enemies know we are there and tremble in fear for they see their deaths before them?  

So I propose we look to History, to bring parts of the past to once again strike fear into those who would try to stand before Us.  Yet we must let all know of our pride in being Ansteorran!

I would propose that when the Coastal Army once again takes the Field at Gulf War, we do it in tabards and surcoats that remember the Defenders of the Coast yet show we are Ansteorrans.  I would propose we take the basic design from the Defenders of the Coast and center on the chest a sheild of Ansteorran gold with the Star of Ansteorra upon that sheild, as once proposed by Brian O'hUlliam.  On the left breast or sleeve would be a badge or symbol to show Barony, Shire, Canton, or Household to which you are a part.

What say you all?


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