[Coastal] Looking for armor.

peter howard chivalri at yahoo.com
Sun Jan 25 17:10:02 PST 2009

I am just getting back into the game.

I am looking for some armor pieces that can be new or used to try and get field ready in a relatively short amount of time.  I would prefer to purchase rather than borrow.

I would like to find:
A helmet with decent visibility.  I like a more open faced helm.  Initially, this is the only piece I will be very picky about.
A gorget.  I prefer the larger leather and metal design but any that I can get that will meet requirements.
A leather kidney belt. I am making a padded gambeson so I only need a kidney belt rather than a full breast.
Metal Elbows.  I prefer with the attached leather bracers.
Metal knees.  I prefer with the attached leather thighs.
Half gauntlets.

Should anyone have any of these items as spares that they are willing to part with at a reasonable price please let me know.

If anyone knows someone that makes these items at a reasonable price that could sell them to me in the next two or three weeks (my goal is to be ready for the Coastal Invasion) please let me know.

Thank you,


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