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Brian O'hUilliam brianoftheloch at gmail.com
Wed Nov 11 09:45:46 PST 2009

Good Gentles all, Pray heed these words and make ready!

In less than two weeks the armies of the River Valley will march into the
great lands of our Stellar Kingdom.  I would ask all those who are able to
pick up a rapier stand and fight!  Join me as push back the forces of the
neighboring Gleann Abhann.

I know that once we succeed in defeating these forces they will run back to
their homes and send messages to Trimaris and ask for their help to defeat
us.  But neither attempt to destroy this great Kingdom shall succeed!!

I have been chosen as Coastal Regional Commanders for the Rapier forces at
Gulf War.  BAM is a great opportunity to prepare and to fight and actual
opponent, not just the people you fight all the time anyway.  Come to BAM,
take up rapier and steady your arms as we get ready to battle Trimaris.

I will also be commanding the Ansteorran forces at BAM.  It is a great honor
to stand fin for Dona Therese and I will work hard to ensure an Ansteorran
victory.  However, I am but one man and i cannot fend off all of Gleann by
myself (though I'll try if I have to).  I need the swords of every
Ansteorran, every Coastal fighter to join me in battle.  I need the staffs
of each available marshal to ensure of safety.  I need the efforts of every
waterbearer and chiurgeon to assist in our continues health.  I need people
to watch the fighting and encourage our brave and skilled fighters.  Every
person is needed.  Any all support you can give will be appreciated.

Join me on the rapier field at Bordermarch as Gleann Abhann once again
attempts to take Castle Borderkeep.  Drive the people of the Argent Ram back
across the river and return them o land from which they came!

In Service,
Lord Brian O'hUilliam

Coastal Rapier Commander
Coastal Regional Rapier Marshal
Cadet to Don Brian MacCael
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